Walter Hook Remembered

Bonner School graduate Hayley Barnier interviewed Walter Hook’s granddaughter Nissa Liesz on Feb. 11, 2006 for the school newspaper The Whirlpool

Q: “How do you remember your grandfather?”

A: “Well, he died when I was three years old. He was funny, he joked around a lot, and he would let us play in the studio.”

Q: “When did he pass away?”

A: “In 1989.”

Q: “When and where was he born?”

A: “1919, April 25th in Milltown.”

Q: “Why was he important to you?”

A: “Well, he was my grandfather. I like to look at him as an inspiration.”

Q: “Why did he become an artist?”

A: “I guess it was just a passion for him. He majored in math and physics.”

Q: “How did he become an artist?”

A: “I think he started out at the head of the art department and people just started recognizing his work.”

Q: “How did you feel about him being an artist?”

A: “It’s exciting! I loved it; it’s a creative side of him, and an inspiration.”

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