I am a pastel artist and photographer.  Several years ago I took the Master Gardener course in Missoula.  I ended up designing a number of gardens and building two rock walls in the Garden City.  It was fascinating work, but oh was it hard on the body!

Painting with pastels or taking photographs gives me the opportunity to stay in touch with our gorgeous Montana landscapes and it’s so much easier on the joints.  Honestly, those saturated sticks of pigment call to me constantly.  I love painting landscapes and flowers, but am also drawn to still lifes.   Most of my pastel artwork has been inspired by the photographs I’ve taken.

I will have small and medium sized framed pastels, small framed photographs, and photo note cards for sale.  I hope you will have time to stop by my booth at HOOKed on Art.  I would love the opportunity to meet you.  I was born in a small town and haven’t lost my fascination for meeting new people.  I would also be honored to introduce you to pastels – if you haven’t already met.  Just so you know…..I’ve never met a pastel stick I didn’t like!  They make lovely companions on just about any day….but a sunny, crisp fall day they are exquisite to have at hand.

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