Growing up in Libby, Montana I developed a love and appreciation for nature's beauty around us. I attended Northwest Nazarene College where I earned a BA degree studying art. My MFA was acquired from Utah State University with a focus on ceramic arts.

I have maintained a studio throughout the past 35 years and have taught art and pottery to children and adults periodically over that time. I enjoy teaching as it motivates and encourages me as I help to nurture creativity in others. Yet, I feel most at peace working in my studio at whatever challenge strikes my fancy.

To produce pottery which enhances and enriches people on a personal level is my goal. Designing and creating a cup, bowl or plate that brings a sense of pleasure and satisfaction to another person is both a challenge and a pleasure. They are rather simple objects but using that cup every day, because it feels right in a person’s hand and against their lips, is nearly a universal experience. This is one of the simple pleasures of life of which I try to make my pots an intricate part.

Porcelain is the clay I’ve worked with for over 20 years. It has the characteristics of fluid, soft, smooth malleability, which appeal to me. I try to reveal this in the finished work.

Most of my surface designs are applied through a resist process as well as using wet, colored clay. The design is open to the viewer’s interpretation, unique background and perception. My concern is using line, texture and color to draw the eye around the pot.

I like to think of my pots as pieces of enduring usable art.

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