Jackie Priess, Jax HatsI started my clothing line, JAX after winning a local design contest in Missoula, MT 5 years ago based on the popular TV series, Project Runway.  I have always enjoyed recycling, and came up with a brilliant plan to reuse old sweaters and make them into hats.  It is fun to see the combinations created using a sweater and a t-shirt and watch my creations blossom into JAX HATS.  When my husband was laid off his job, I taught him how to cut and sew, and he has been helping me grow this business.  We create lovable, stylish apparel from recycled clothing by breathing new life into them.  The possibilities are endless!  I am saving the world from ugly sweaters – one sweater at a time!
The buttons are each handmade by me, which is a signature look for my hats as well as the Jax signature embroidered on every hat.

My website is jaxhats.com and I sell through 10 local stores and several in other areas of Montana.



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