The river is starting to find its way back to where it wants to be. It’s moving its cobbles and sediments along and relocating them here and there where it wants and needs them in its slow movements towards the sea. It’s redistributing seeds and plants along its shores and it’s healing the damage and covering the scars made by man. We are making some subtle changes on the banks to make it possible for people to enjoy the rivers but the rivers are getting back to what rivers have done since the beginning of time. We as a community need to patch our scars and prepare for the changes in the future.

I see signs of the community healing too. From the uprooting and division of the community two good things came to be, the Redevelopment Working Group and the Community Council. Both organizations are made up of volunteers interested in what’s best for their community. They are still learning what their missions are and how to best do them. They are the two hands charged by the County Commissioners with the task of shoveling out the best direction for restoring the community and guiding its future. They are still learning to work together. One hand doesn’t work the shovel very good but two working together utilizing the skills in each for the common good can get a lot of work done efficiently. Examples are the Black Bridge and the walking and equestrian trails.
I think by doing that, we as a community can move forward in healing and adjusting our cobbles and depositing our seeds and plants in our environment on our slow inevitable trip to the future.

In May the community will get to vote for two new members to the Community Council and two school board members. Remember to do your part, go down to the school May 5 and vote not only for the new council members and school board members, but to support your school, the heart of the community.

Not voting is the same as giving your vote to someone whose opinion you do not share!

—Chuck Erickson
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