A photographer is reflected in a quiet pool.Welcome to Autumn!   As the nights get longer, and the days shorter I always have mixed feelings.  There is a sadness in letting go, but anticipation of what may come.   I find autumn to be a wonderful time to create space in my mind to be ever grateful….to FALL IN LOVE with life again.
Autumn gives us lots of time for reflecting. It's the little things that make our hearts truly grateful.

Go ahead….fall in love, reflect on what has happened and what is to come.   Learn to feel gratitude in every aspect of your daily life.   Allow yourself to turn inward, and you will see new life grow into every thing you do.   
This autumn, what are you falling for?
LIFE LESSON:  The trees are starting to let go of their leaves that are dying so they can support their core through the winter. Can you let go of ideas, thoughts and friendships that no longer serve you? For letting those things go will bring added meaning into your life and will bring focus and energy to your core. js

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