Elaine DavisElaine's art embraces contemporary life, plein air landscapes and portraits based on her world travels, but it all started in her family home where she grew up. As a child she lived with her grandmother, who came from Eastern Europe, her mother who kept the house filled with music, and her uncle who sang and designed both boats and buildings. Elaine was immersed in culture, art and music.
Listening to her mother and grandmother speak a strange language filled her imagination with dreams of far away land and exotic places. Her uncle showed her the magic of bringing an idea to life on paper while her mother's music gave it a special rhythm that seemed to become part of the pictures and in the background the words of this strange language set a tone of mystery. All this melted together to form one complete and inseparable blend of culture, music and art that became a way of life for Elaine.
Elaine says, "Conceptual ideas whirled in my head but couldn't be released until I learned to draw the human figure." Art study included figure drawing at the Watts Atelier, and at The Athenaeum School of the Arts, plus art classes at Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges all located in Southern California. In the years of study, Elaine found the fluidity of oil paint works best with the rhythm of stroke that pleases her most.
A new Missoula resident, Elaine still keeps active membership in the San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild, Coronado Art Association, East County Art Association and she shows her work at Gallery 23, Balboa Park.


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