donna-finstadThis is my ninth year to participate in the delightful art show at Bonner School!

For years I painted in many mediums and found that expression to be exciting and fulfilling.  There is a freshness and spontaneity about watercolor that is unlike anything else. Walter Hook was one of the teachers who inspired me through the years. I was fortunate to also study under James Dew, Robert DeWeese, Frances Senska, Jessie Wilber, Shorty Shope, and Fred Robinson.  I am grateful to all of them.

Recently, I have focused on photography.  It is a fascinating art form.  Through my paintings and my photographs, I want to convey a sensitivity to Montana's incredible beauty and to the everyday details that can so easily be missed when our busy lives distract us.

Whether the focus is on stones in a creek, on ice-covered pine needles, or on vast mountain peaks, I try to capture fleeting beauty and details and to share those occurrences that I find so magical and rewarding.

I enjoy sharing these with the people who come to Missoula's Saturday Market, to the Hooked on Art Show, and to other venues where artists are gathered!


by Donna Finstad

2110 Greenough Drive

Missoula, Montana 59802

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