Carl RohrI began quilting in the mid to late 90's while living in Bonner and serving as pastor of Our Savior's Lutheran Church, largely because there were quite a few wonderful quilters in the congregation and the area.


I had made a few simple block quilts when my children, now ranging from 36-44, were small, but had occupied my creative muses since that time with wood work, needlepoint, cooking, etc.  When I got back to quilting, I did so with a vengeance, and always have several quilts spinning in my head before I have the time to actually make them.There are so many wonderful fabrics available since quilting has reemerged as a popular art form in this country and around the world.  I love to make use of many different patterns, colors, and hues in my quilts, but I gravitate mostly to bright and intense colors and lots of movement.

I first came to Montana in 1964 as an intern from what is now Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio.  I never really left other than two years back in Columbus to finish my schooling, and a seven year stint in Post Falls, Idaho, serving a congregation which, at that time, was part of the Montana Synod of the American Lutheran Church.  I also served congregations in Townsend, Wibaux, Hamilton, Billings and Bonner. When I retired in 2006, my partner and I moved to Ronan, Montana.

I have four children: a church musician in Minneapolis, a publicist in Hollywood, a bank employee in St. Paul, and an attorney in Washington, DC.  I also have four grandchildren and one great-grandchild, all in St. Paul.


orange-is-blue-and-blue-is-The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado currently is exhibiting "Male Call: Quilts Made by Men."

Carl's quilt "Blue is Orange and Orange is Blue" is a part of that exhibit.


Montana Men Who Quilt

Fair exhibit proves real men quilt Lake County Leader: Read more about Carl and Montana Men Who Quilt.

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