Bob Phinney“I love to draw and paint in nature. There are the moments of quiet and busy rhythms that speak of a great order and a great Wisdom that connects us to our world and to each other. I love the challenge of observing the illumination of land, water and atmosphere while distilling the essential character of a place in a simple sketch. If I can create the harmony that I observe in nature, not by rote, but through intuition and the abstraction of pattern, then I feel that I might paint something that is universal and worth expressing."    -Bob Phinney

Mentoring Young Artists
   When asked to donate his time as featured artist for the 5th Annual HOOKed on Art celebration, Bob Phinney countered with a request of his own: “I want to teach a class of Bonner students.”
   Bob has graciously agreed to return to HOOKed on Art every year since to teach another student class.
   In 2010, several Bonner School 6th, 7th, and 8th graders received a special treat at HOOKed on Art: a 2 hour workshop with Bob Phinney. The focus was pen and ink with a water color wash.  He presented several sketching and watercolor techniques. Erin Roberts, art teacher, assisted.  
   High quality paper, watercolor brushes, tubes of watercolor paint, and souvenier sketchbooks were available for class participants, courtesy of Friends of 2 Rivers and the generous contributions of HOOKed on Art sponsors.
   There is no better way to honor Walter Hook!

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